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Designer Baking Pans

Know About Our Products

We pride ourselves in delivering handmade baking pans. These comprise of our eight core designs and hundreds of innovative and creative characters. Our work is designed with a strong customer focus in mind.

At designer baking pans we say think of it, visualise it and our experienced team of designers headed by our chief designer Simbarashe  also known as Simba will add their innovative and creative ideas to create baking pans and characters designed to meet and satisfy your needs.

Our handmade baking pans are made using superior quality, non-sticky galvanised metal sheets that expand when heated. This guarantees customers to prepare high quality cakes, taking the exact format and design of our designer pans.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide innovative baking solutions to the baking industry with a strong customer focus that allows customers to choose from a wide range of pans and characters of their own choice of pans rather than being restricted to the standard square or round pans. At designer baking pans we provide our clients with sustainable competitive advantage by providing a wide range of innovative customer focused low-priced baking pans.

Designer baking pans would be the ideal design company to partner with for emerging businesses as we will continuously provide our customers with highly creative, affordable designs that would enable their customers to choose from a wide range of top of the range designs. This enables a value for money model to be implemented by our partners, thereby creating sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.

At Designer baking pans we believe our pans and characters will either blow your mind or leave you completely confused as to which characters you would like to buy and possibly wish to buy at a later stage or possibly buy all the characters. Please take some time to go through our gallery.